Young Graduates

Sindh medical College has graduated about 31 batches of fine doctors. By one estimate, 1100-1200 of these graduates are living in North America. The initial vigor of early graduates has slowed down and the influx of new ideas from our newer and younger graduates has not been as enthusiastic as it was expected to be. May be, the fault lies among us, the seniors. To combat this shortfall, JSMUAANA is aggressively pursuing to get our new graduates involved in the operation of alumni.

Our new graduates are humbly requested to register themselves on our website. They are asked to contact the officers of JSMUAANA for any kind of help, they need. If they need boarding and lodging in any particular state for their interview, the senior JSMUians in that state will gladly host them for the duration of their stay.

During our Summer meeting in Dallas, Texas, all young graduates who are not in the training program yet are encouraged to attend the meeting, free of cost, compliment of JSMUAANA. This will give them the chance to not only socialize with the more seasoned graduates but will also help them in networking for their future endeavors.

Please register with this site and Be a part of greater JSMUAANA. It will help you.