A Message from the President

Dear JSMUAANA Family:,

I am honored and humbled to represent JSMUAANA as President in 2017.

The executive committee has come up with an exciting agenda for upcoming year. We are pleased to announce Young Physician Committee (YPC) under the leadership of Dr. Zeenat Safdar. YPC will be instrumental in establishing robust and communal partnership with our alma mater. YPC will collaborate with faculty and medical students at JSMU to arrange interactive CME lectures, workshops and symposia at JSMU in Karachi, Pakistan. It will also provide career consoling, mentorship to JSMU medical students and assist them with electives and observerships in United States.

Our 7th annual retreat will be held in NYC on May 5th and 6th 2017 at LGA Marriott in collaboration with the local APPNA NY chapter. Please save the dates for this exciting event full of entertainment, fun and CME activities.

We are initiating a fundraising drive to consolidate scholarship funds for eligible students at JSMU and helping those graduates who are looking for residency in United States. We are creating a committee to establish criteria and guidelines to award these scholarships. We are requesting our members to donate at least $50/month or %600/year in generating a regular source of revenue for scholarships.

Our strength depends upon on our numbers and increasing our membership remains one of the top priorities. Dr. Zebra Aamir and Dr. Akhtar Hamid will chair membership committee and drive this campaign.

We are collaborating with Dr. Tariq Rafi, CV JSMU and Dr. Irfan Ashram to start new project to upgrade Professional Development Center at JMY as we remain committed to promote education and advanced learning at JSMU.

I want to thank my predecessor Dr. Akhtar Hamidi, who has provided a stupendous leadership and his vision and message of inclusion has provided our alumni a new direction. We are at the crossroads of history and we move forward with a new resolve and steadfastness and we are ready to pass the baton to new leadership. We reject the politics of division and exclusion and remain united as SMCIANS to make our alumni stronger and straighten our bond with our alma mater by promoting education and improving quality of health care services. Due to your resolve, commitment and dedication and an extraordinary leadership our alumni has emerged as one of the third largest alumni in APPNA and this journey goes on with new vigor. Let’s make a commitment putting “JSMUAANA and our alma mater first”.


Intikhab Ahmad, MD
President JSMUAANA