Endowment Fund

An investment fund set up by an institution in which regular withdrawals from the invested capital are used for ongoing operations or other specified purposes. They are funded by donations, which are tax deductible for donors.

JSMUAANA Endowment fund is primarily an accumulation of gift funds set aside and invested to support the teaching, education and scientific research missions at Sindh Medical College. This endowment fund is required to be fully invested and only the income and related gains may be used to support different projects of Sindh Medical College. This fund was established during the Presidency of Dr. Javed Suleman few years ago.

The graduates of Sindh Medical College rose from very humble beginnings and are making invaluable contributions to the well-being of many communities in different corners of the united states. In a short span of time, JSMU graduates have achieved a degree of excellence that many of us would not have thought possible just a few years ago. But we cannot rest on our laurels; we have challenges ahead of us which we need to face. We received our education with limited facilities, budget constrained atmosphere, and with very little tuition fees. During the college days, when we realized the problems faced by our alma mater, most of us made a promise, or a pledge to themselves, that they will do something to bring a positive change, when they get a chance. It is now that time to fulfill that promise. To pay back what we owe – to our alma mater, Sindh Medical College.

The Endowment fund has been established. It is in the process of getting registered as a 501c organization in the state of New Hampshire.

Chairman Endowment Committee is Dr. Khawaja Mujeeb Rehman.

Initial Board of Directors are Dr. Khawaja Mujeeb Rehman, Dr. Khalil Khatri, Dr. Shahab-ul Arfeen, Dr. Joseph Emmanuel and Dr. Sajid Ahmed.

This is our turn to do something for our Alma Mater. Please donate generously.