JSMU Student Alumni Association

There are not much student’s activities in Sindh Medical College as all students’ union activities have been banned by government since 1984. In that environment, students don’t get to show off their extracurricular talent and their development as a responsible physician and a human being is affected. Their involvement in Students Alumni activities will keep them in touch with Alumni associations so that some good can be done for JSMU and its students by sharing ideas, suggestions and work force.

Last JSMU Student Union Elected, 1983


JSMUAANA and JSMU Alumni Pakistan has been working together to get these students involved in non-political extracurricular activities of Alumni in North America and Pakistan as they will be the future stake holders of JSMU Alumni. They will get a head start in participating in the alumni activities and after their graduation; it will be much easier transition. All the students should be informed about our website so they can become a part of this greater Alumni Association.

Some of the students who are already actively participating in the affairs of Alumni are;

Dr. Moazzam Ali
Dr. Hussain

Final Year Representatives Are

Dr. Anas Godil
Dr. Seeme

We wish them all the success in their future and hope to have all the students of JSMU participate in this JSMU Students Alumni Association. Please contact Dr. Sameer Qureshi in Pakistan or write to Dr. I.Zafar Hamid at izhamid@aol.com with your ideas.