SMC Alumni Pakistan

Sindh Medical College Alumni (Pak) was formed by a group of SMCians who are also the founding members and trustees. The aim was to form the

1.Brotherhood of SMCians all over the country.

2.To help SMCians in acquiring different postgraduates training slots.

3.Up gradation of existing academic and teaching basic and clinical facilities

4.Up gradation of college infrastructure

5.Keep a liaison with SMCAANA

A brief resume of activities of the Sindh Medical College Alumni Pakistan since its inception

  • Guest faculty lectures
  • Winter meetings in collaboration with SMCAANA for the last 05 years
  • Has consolidated the weak link between JPMC and SMC
  • Has convinced DUHS to pay faculty of JPMC for lectures and clinical training
  • Is working with SMCAANA to form a Sindh Medical University
  • Have distributed medals to best graduates.
  • To improve the image of our alma mater and alumnus.