Project SMC

Sindh Medical University

You are all aware of the facts and struggle behind this dream of up grading Sindh Medical College into a University, by our predecessors. This up gradation will bring Sindh Medical College to a new height of excellence which we have been lacking. Better pre-clinical and clinical teaching, modern and up to date facility, Research options for our students and teachers, greater funding and resources and well trained physicians are few of the goals which we can achieve easily if we were the university.

Dr. Javed Suleman has been spearheading the “Project SMC” with a resolve. To help him in this project, our past president, Dr. Suhail Siddiqi, Dr. Saeed Akhter (Past President), Dr. Sameer Qureshi (President SMC Alumni Pakistan), Dr. Asghar Mehdi, SMC Alumnus and activist, Dr. Farooq Sattar, SMC Alumnus (MNA and Minister for overseas Pakistanis) and Dr. Naushad Shaikh, SMC Alumnus (VC Liaquat Medical University) have agreed very graciously to be a part of this committee.

The committee did meet with the President of Pakistan earlier this year. We are working diligently for our vision of SMC University to become a reality. Though the honorable President of Pakistan has accepted our demand on principles but significant bureaucratic obstacles continues.

We will continue to strive here in America and Pakistan, in the best possible legal way for procurement of this great goal and a swift and sweet outcome.

Struggle is on and the best way to continue this struggle is to keep the communication line open among the committee members and SMCAANA membership so an effective line of action can be followed.

Will keep you updated!