Lecture Series

Lecture Series offered by the visiting JSMU graduates of North America has been in place for the past few years. Some of our practicing physicians and Academicians have gone to JSMU in their spare time and delivered the knowledge of their specialty to all the budding physicians to be of JSMU . Sometimes, it is arranged on an individual basis but most of the time, JSMUAANA has taken up the task of getting these lectures arranged on a timely basis. JSMU Alumni Pakistan and the Principal of Sindh Medical College are also very eager to promote this educational cycle by JSMUians to JSMUians

The other teaching method, which has been in practice, is Web based educational seminars through APPNA Merit with one of our own Dr. Zulfiqar Ahmed, actively involved in it. This system promotes mutual understanding between medical professionals of United States and Pakistan. It fosters a climate of academic and research education and opens bilateral communication in intellectual, educational and medical field. These seminars are conducted live on the internet and have the ability to conduct power point presentations, real time audio and video discussions, live web chats.  Timings and dates could be decided with mutual understanding.

If any of you, have any interest in delivering a lecture of your interest to senior students of JSMU, or if you know about any particular need of JSMU students for web based seminars, you can contact the Alumni or its officers for arrangements.