Helping Young Graduates

JSMUAANA has been very active formally and informally since its inception in mentoring and helping Young Physicians from Sindh Medical College. The resources have been limited but still individual JSMU Alumni have been contributing in areas of visa clearance, research placements, accommodation help, post match scramble and one on one mentor-ship.

This has been possible because of very committed Senior JSMUians who have welcomed these young physicians with open arm and provided them with all the possible help, they can. They provide boarding and lodging during interview season to anyone, who needs help and also try to help them financially as much as they can within a reasonable limit.

Individual members of JSMUAANA can register themselves to help these young physicians in grooming them for a better future.

Anyone in need should contact the Alumni through the website so JSMUAANA can direct them in the right direction. We are in constant contact with Young Physician committee of APPNA as well who go out of their way to lend a helping hand.

We can help you with:

  • Getting an interview at your respective institute or hospital.
  • Getting a paid or unpaid research position at your institute or practice.
  • Helping JSMU graduates to get an official clinical rotation/externship so they can become a better candidate for future opportunities.
  • Helping to mentor in the area of your specialty.
  • Open your house for the JSMU Graduates if they are visiting your town for an interview.
    Contact JSMUAANA.
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