A Better JSMU

Sindh Medical College was founded in 1973. It has been 37 years since its opening and about 31-32 batches of doctors have graduated from this Alma Matar. Over the years, it has seen its share of ups and downs. Initially, it was associated with Karachi University. Now it is a part of Dow University of Health Sciences.

The involvement of students to make it a better institute has been declining since the ban of elected Sindh Medical College Students Union in 1983. The students and the Alumni can and will actively pursue the betterment of their Sindh medical College.

JSMUAANA and JSMU Alumni Pakistan have been working in close collaboration to upgrade JSMU into a university. This will ultimately benefit the students of JSMU as their clinical and pre-clinical skills will match the best of other institutions.

JSMUAANA has arranged for lecture series to be delivered to the students of JSMU by the visiting Faculty, comprising of Alumni of JSMU.

JSMUAANA has been in direct contact with Dr. Masood Hameed Khan, Vice-Chancellor of DUHS and Dr. Umer Farooq, Principal, Sindh Medical College for any kind of help, it can provide.

JSMUAANA has been in contact with Dr. Irfan of professional development council of JSMU , lending all kinds of support and help to produce better physicians.

JSMUAANA wants to engage the current students of JSMU under JSMU student alumni association so they can fully participate in the progress and development of their medical college.

Be a part of your Alma Matar. Engage yourself and others in the affairs of your Alumni and College.