Past President Message


It is a great honor and privilege for me to serve as president of our Alumni for the year 2015.

I thank you all for bestowing upon me this honor.

I pledge to give my best to serve you and uphold the mission of our organization.

I am thankful to our past leadership and am grateful for their dedication and perseverance to make this Alumnus notable as third largest in APPNA among all component societies.

We will continue to aspire in becoming the largest in the years coming ahead.

We will continue our support to our Alma mater and newly born Institute of Public Health.

I congratulate Dr. Javed Suleman and his team to accomplish this remarkable mile stone in our Alumni history.

I congratulate ENC Chair Dr. Aftab and committee members for a remarkable job done last year. I am delighted to see continued progress and transparency in the election process. I hope more deserving and dedicated members will come forward to lead our organization.

As you can tell by the history of our Alma Mater SMC/JSMU is a powerhouse of leadership. As our own Alumnus emerging as potential candidates for APPNA leadership we need to work diligently to bring more members to APPNA central. Dr. Joseph Emanuel and Dr. Nadeem Ashfaque have done an excellent job by increasing Alumni and APPNA central’s membership and we need your support to continue this momentum. Please invite your friends or colleagues to be part of APPNA becoming a paid annual or life member.

JSMU Merit committee under the leadership of Dr. Rizwan Naeem has done a remarkable job in hosting seminars for fresh medical graduates, coaching how to pursue and find residencies developing educational programs for JSMU students utilizing our Academic resources in the US.

I welcome APPNA 2015 executive committee, and looking forward to work with them as a component society in every capacity.

I humbly request your attendance in our upcoming 2015 retreat to be held in San Francisco on April 17-19. I am proud to lay down a tradition for this retreat to recur every 3rd week end in April following successful retreat in Atlanta. I need your active participation to make this another successful retreat.

I am in the process of restructuring existing committees. Please do not hesitate to offer your support and help as a committee chair or a member for which you can bring value and like to see a change.

“Life is made up of small comings and goings. And for everything we take with us, there is something that we leave behind.” Donate generously to help newly formed JSMU.

I conclude my thoughts by reminding “We have too much to lose to sit on the sideline. We need you to step out of the gray twilight into the bright sunshine so that we can all see the dawn of a new day”

Thank you for your support,

Very Truly Yours,

Sabir Ali Khan, MD